FibreCoat is Revolutionizing the Composite Market

Our revolutionary metal or polymer coated fibres for innovative lightweight components delivers quality and cost benefits to our customers.

With FibreCoat

up to %

Accelerated Production

up to %

Cost Saving

up to %

Weight Saving


Making High Performance Materials Affordable

We are convinced that as we strive for innovation in the basis of our economy we will, achieve sustainable, accessible and affordable materials for our planet, and beyond!

Dedicated Solutions

Smart scientists with a branched network and high commitment. Challenge us to level up your product!

Polymer-coated Fibres

The innovative combination results in exceptionally high strength and rigidity, along with extremely low weight.

Metal-coated Fibres

The metal coating preserves the high initial mechanical strength and provides resistance against static fatigue.

Efficient Lightweight Construction

Reduced energy requirement in the compounds production and following steps.

Renewable Plastics

FibreCoat technology is transferable to renewable and recycled plastics.

Reducing Matrix Usage

By using the optimal amount of coating on the fibers, we improve resource efficiency!

Unique and Extensive Network of International Partners

Thanks to our extensive network of partners we have production sites all over Europe, increasing our production possibilities. We also have the latest technology in our facilities throughout the production chain.

done_all High production capacity.

done_all On-demand production, minimizing running costs.

done_all Supplier independent, tailored to your needs.

done_all Many delivery options, according to your needs.


Disruptive technical and economic performance boost

This revolutionary product is made possible by our new technology for single-filament coating. The smallest fiber reinforced composite in the world!


Aluminium-coated Fibres

Bi-component multi-filament yarns with basalt core and aluminum sheath, with high stiffness and metal properties

check_circle_outline Multifilament yarn with 100 single filaments

check_circle_outline Electrical resistance of 100 Ωm

check_circle_outline Full and homogeneous sheath

FibreCot under electron microscope
Electric Car

Shielding of electrical components, 5G, buildings and persons, or even as lightning conductors in vehicles


The fibres are chemically and biologically resistant, and have a low thermal conductivity for excellent insulation.

Smart Textiles

Conductive yarns as electrical circuits for your new technologies that provide added value to the wearer


Polymer-coated Fibres

Bi-component multi-filament yarn with E-glass core and polypropylene sheath

check_circle_outline Textile character ~1 500 tex

check_circle_outline E-glass core with PP coating

check_circle_outline 60 – 80 % volume fraction of tailored fibre

Sport Car

Weight reduction in a car improves driving dynamics, mileage and helps to achieve the CO2 emissions targets


High-performance fibers used in advanced composites, like for body components of a car, require high stiffness


Global competition and technological improvements require low material and manufacturing costs

We have received international recognition and awards for our innovative work! Back us today!

About us

Meet Our Experts

As we pave the road to the future, our highly qualified innovators are driving us every day. Meet our experts from the Institute of Textile Technology at RWTH Aachen University.

Alexander Lüking

Production & Development

Dr. Robert Brüll

Strategy, Human Resources & Finance

Richard Haas


Richard Haas

Sales & Customer Service

Our Timeline

02/2020 Company founding

Setting up the FibreCoat GmbH for business

10/2020 AluCoat Introduction

Market launch of Aluminum coated Fibres

06/2021 Seed-Round

Investment for further growth of the company

03/2022 PolyCoat Introduction

Market launch of polymer coated glass fibres


Awarded by Numerous Institutions

The long-standing and trustful relationships that we have built and our highly innovative products have resulted in numerous awards for outstanding achievement. We place a high value on long-term and trusting relationships!

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